Barebones Gardening Products Buying Guide

Barebones Gardening Tool Buying Guide

Gardening season is upon us and Barebones Australia is stocked up on our most popular gardening products and tools. The Barebones Gardening collection features a variety of multi-purpose tools that help you accomplish tasks in a much more efficient way. We've put together a Barebones Gardening Tool Buying Guide to help gardening beginners and experts alike get the most out of your new gardening tools.

Hori Hori With Sheath


The Hori Hori is the perfect instrument for any avid gardener. For starters, it’s a serrated blade that cuts open bags. It features a hook to cut twine and open bottles. The sharp blade point will will effortlessly cut through tough materials and dirt. It’s pretty handy in everyday gardening situations where one has to unearth plants without damaging their roots when transplanting. The measurement markings on the handle are ideal for digging a hole at the right depth for planting your vegetables as well as uprooting weeds in those tight spaces where other tools have trouble reaching them without damaging the surrounding roots!


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